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Vital Pellets For Rose


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Pellets for rose are of pulverized select oil cakes and growth promoting materials and have all the needed macro and micro nutrients to stimulate growth, induce flowering.

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Product Description

Pellets are of pulverized select oil cakes and growth promoting materials and have all the needed macro and micro nutrients to stimulate growth, induce flowering.

Push the pellets  into the wet soil about two inches away from the plant’s stem and water. Pellets crumble gradually and the nutrients slowly dissolve in the water over a period of time and become available to the plant.

Initially you need to be used once in fifteen days and when the plants recover (produce foliage, flower buds etc) use it after each flush of flowers.

DOSAGE: 3 to 4  for 6 inch pot. Bigger pots need few more pellets (up to 8-10 pellets for inch pots)

Plants on the ground may need 10-12 pellets. It should be applied around the plant so that all the feeding roots get access to the nutrients.

Q: Hi! My rose plants are not flowering. They seem to be in good health and I have added neem cake and rose fertiliser from the local garden centre. Will the rose pellets help? Are they better absorbed by the plants than the rose fertiliser? and the difference between the rose pellets and the vital pellets?
— Asked by Paru on August 6, 2015
A: Hi Paru. Thank you for your query. Rose pellets will definitely help improve the health of your beloved Roses. There is no definite proof that pellets are better absorbed than the fertiliser. However, they don't get washed away in rains, hence provide nutrients for a longer time. The difference between Rose pellets and Vital pellets is that the rose pellets contain nutrients specifically needed by Rose plant, whereas vital pellets contain generic nutrients required by all plants.

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