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5KG of cocopeat  X  4 blocks

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*Available only in Bangalore for local delivery

Product Description

Cocopeat brick is an bundle of organic tiny particle which is obtained from coconut husk while separating fibre from husk.
Each brick weighs around 4.5KG of cocopeat. Cocopeat is a proven natural alternative to mined peat moss used in Horticulture and Floriculture Environments.
Coco peat provides with an organic alternative to rock wool and perlite media without the environmental disposal issues.
Hydroponic crop production using Coco peat makes the opportunity to consistently maximize yield and provide better quality.
High water and nutrition holding capacity.

Coco peat characteristics

*Highly porous,100% Organic, Water retention
*Increased aeration,Bio-degradabl, Reusable up to 4 years
*Viable substratum for plants
*Can hold water about 7 times of its weight
*Possess natural rooting hormones
*Given itsnature, will combat the fungal and bacterial infections
*Can be used for both indoor and outdoor
*Can be used as soilless grow medium for hydroponics
*pH value ranges between 5.2 and 6.8, which is best suited to alkaline grade soil.

This product will include 4.5KG of compressed and treated block(Coco peat brick), which when immersed in water expands to 20 – 25 KG


Consignment will be sent only through Registered Parcel Service via India Post. Delivery depends on proximity.

**The product will take minimum of 8 – 12 working days there are limited courier options.**

Q: Hi This is with regards to Coco Peat Blocks 20 Kg priced at 649, i would like to know will i get 4 Blocks of Coco peat weighing 5KG each for 649?
— Asked by Nagaveni on March 19, 2015
A: Hi Nagaveni! Thank you for your query. The total amount for 4 blocks of 5 kg = 20 kg coco-peat is Rs. 649. Individual blocks of 5 kg will cost Rs. 200 each.

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