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Panchagavya (1.2 litres)


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  • Quantity: 1.2 litres
  • Type: liquid organic fertilizer and pesticide
  • Color: brown
  • Dosage: mix 3 ml in 100 ml water
  • pH: 6.02
  • Nitrogen: 6650 ppm
  • Phosphorous: 4310 ppm
  • Calcium:1000 ppm
  • Sodium: 4310 ppm
  • Shelf Life – Six months

Panchagavya has been used since our ancient times to safeguard plants and soil micro-organisms and to boost plant production.

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Product Description

Panchagavya (1.2 litres) is an organic growth stimulant for all types of plants, milch animals, goat, poultry, fish, etc. It has been used since our ancient times to safeguard plants and soil micro-organisms and to boost plant production. Panchagavya application is found to be more profitable than the recommended fertilizer application and chemical spray. It in prepared from 5 products derived from the cow (‘panch’ meaning five and ‘gavya’ meaning cow). Its main ingredients are:

  • cow dung
  • cow urine
  • cow milk
  • cow curd
  • cow ghee

But in an effort to improve the recipe and reduce the odour, water of tender coconut, bananas, toddy juice and sugarcane juice is also added.


Dilute 3 ml of this solution in 100 ml water. Spray the diluted solution over plants and soil. For best results apply regularly- once every 14 days. During winter season, reduce the concentration to about 1.5 ml in 100 ml water.

Check our video on Panchagavya below

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Special Note:

* Panchagavya has fermentation process running – hence you can expect some fizz on opening the bottle.
* Please be careful while opening the bottle, so that the fizz does not spill over – it is recommended to wait for 30 minutes if the bottle has been subjected to any shaking movement, before opening it.
* Please keep a fair distance from your body while opening the bottle
* Panchagavya is made of cow by-products and has inherent cow dung odour – nothing to worry about.
Q: what is the quanitiy that you are selling in one bottle?
— Asked by tanvi on October 19, 2014
A: One bottle of Panchagavya contains 1.25 litre of concentrated solution. 200ml of this solution can be diluted with 10 litres of water (4 parts soln. in 100 parts water) with proper stirring for spraying on plants. For soil application, dilute 1 litre in 10 litres of water (1 part soln. in 10 parts water).
Q: whether Panchagavya can be sprayed to control falling of coconut flowers and buttons in newly yielded coconut plant
— Asked by JEEVANANTHAM on October 29, 2014
A: Yes. Premature falling of coconut flowers and buttons is mainly due to: 1) natural abscission- shedding of excess parts by a plant to conserve water and energy, 2) rough weather, 3) defective pollination of flower, 4) fungus Phytophthora palmivora. Panchagavya is an organic liquid fertiliser as well as pesticide that acts like a stimulant for the Coconut plant to produce more flowers. It also acts like an organic pesticide which will prevent the premature dropping of Coconut buttons due to unnatural causes such as fungus. To read more about the various benefits of Panchagavya, go to the link:
Q: Is Panchagavya having any bad smell ? can we use this for indoor plants ? Actually I am planning to use this for leafy vegetables to grow more faster Will Panchagavya used as a fertilizer of soil-less plants ?
— Asked by Kundan on February 4, 2015
A: Hi Kundan! Thank you for your query. Although Panchagavya has been sourced from 5 cow-products which are- ghee, milk, curd, cow-dung and cow-urine; it has been treated with natural chemicals to mask its odor. So Panchagavya provided by GreenMyLife is almost odor-free. Panchagavya is a complete nutrition for all your plants. Since it is an organic liquid fertiliser, it can be easily used for soil-less cultivation of your vegetables. However, only adding Panchagavya will not be sufficient for your vegetables as they will need other chemicals to supply micro-nutrients as well.
Q: Thanks for your timely response. Please let me know what are the Nutrition present in in Panchagavya for plants. Also please advice organic micro-nutrients which can be used apart from Panchagavya for soil less cultivation which would be sufficient for plants
— Asked by Kundan on February 5, 2015
A: Hi Kundan! Here is a link for complete information related to Panchagavya:
Q: Can I use this panhagabya as medicine for me? I have been advice to eat panhagabya daily as medicine for treatment of cancer.
— Asked by p.k.patnaik on September 19, 2015
A: Hi. Thank you for your query. Although there has been several reports stating the potential health benefits of Panchagavya, our product has not been certified to be used for human consumption.

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