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AGNI ASTRA Preparation

All Indian home made pesticides contains one of the main ingredients as Cow urine which has antibodies and lots of beneficial factors. Indians named it as AGNI ASTRA which is used to kill all pests( like white worm, leaf worm and so) from plants or crops.
An complete organic pesticide prepared with the Indian traditional methodology.
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An complete organic pesticide prepared with the Indian traditional methodology. It acts as a manure for the soil and plants and it can remove all kind of pests,insects and also increase the richness of the soil. Moreover it acts as a enricher for greenery of the plant, can be use for vegetables,fruits,flowers and other agriculture crops.

What does AgniAstra made up of?
*Desi Cow’s Urine(Cow urine is the main ingredient in preparing Organic cultures and Pest control solutions.)
*Natural Herbs
*Green Chilly

What is the processing time to prepare Agni-Astra?
It needs at least 21 days to prepare.

How to use?
*Use once in four days for first and second application.
*Once in a week on subsequent application

Ideal time for the application?
Best suggested time for application of Agni-Astra being either in early morning hours or evening hours.

1 litre can be mixed with 50 litres of water and it can be sprayed on the crops.
Note: Do not mix any other chemicals with Agni-Astra.

Special Note:

* Agniastra has fermentation process running – hence you can expect some fizz on opening the bottle.
* Please be careful while opening the bottle, so that the fizz does not spill over – it is recommended to wait for 30 minutes if the bottle has been subjected to any shaking movement, before opening it.
* Please keep a fair distance from your body while opening the bottle
* Agniastra is made of cow by-products and has inherent cow dung odour – nothing to worry about.


Q: I need your suggestion for control of flower dropping of Mango trees
— Asked by Koya LV RamanaRao on February 17, 2015
A: Hi Koya! Thank you for your query. Premature falling of Mango flowers can be due to several reasons such as: 1. improper fertilisation 2. pest 3. fungal diseases 4. over-watering 5. less sunlight. Avoid over-watering your mango tree, and remove any taller plants nearby to allow more sunlight to pass to your tree. If there are fungal diseases infecting your tree, then please cut-off the infected parts and spray nearby parts with organic pesticides like Neem Oil and Agni Astra (available online at GreenMyLife). Improper fertilisation can be taken care of by supplying your tree with organic fertilisers, which release nutrients efficiently- like Panchagavya, Vermicompost, Pongamia cake, etc. (available online at GreenMyLife). All these measures should prevent premature falling of Mango flowers within 2 month's time.

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