VAM Boost is a plant growth promoter formulated with root-enhancing compounds to supply adequate macro- and micronutrients to soils

VAM Boost contains calcium nitrate, which supplies two nutrients to crops nitrogen and calcium. It also contains micro-elements beneficial to root health.

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Application: 10 gms in 1 liter of water, root application


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Regardless of the planting type (wheat, turf, roses etc) experts agree that the key to a healthy plant is a strong and productive root system.

“Root Booster” with added VAM (Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae) is a 100% natural root stimulant designed to increase root productivity and therefore increase the overall growing capacity of the plant.

Manufactured using organic kelp with key development stimulators such as naturally occurring Humic and Fulvic Acids added this root tonic is a vital part within the program providing a highly receptive base for the overall development of the plant.

The product is applied as a one-off application during the growing process and as an annual treatment for both soil and garden maintenance and is designed to keep your root system highly active throughout the life of the plant.

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