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Potassium Humate: Potential Elixir for Crop Production 100 grams

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QTY Of Potassium Humate: 100 Grams

Topdressing: 10 Grams per plant
Foliar Spray(Dosage 20 grams per liter of water): At early of flowering stage, early fruiting stage and full fruits stage, for solanaceous vegetable, melon, and beans etc.


*Improve the structure of soil: Prevent high water and nutrient losses in light, sandy soils. Simultaneously convert them into fruitful soils by way of decomposition. In heavy and compact soils, aeration of soil and water retention is improved; cultivation measures are facilitated.
*Prevent soil cracking, surface water runoff and soil erosion by increasing the ability of colloids to combine.
*Help the soil to loosen and crumble and thus increase aeration of soil as well as soil workability.
*Increase water holding capacity of soil and thus help resist drought.
*Darken the color of the soil and thus help absorption of the sun energy.


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The plants are fed by elements in soil containing prescribed levels of humic acid with potassium are healthier, stronger, and produce a more abundant yield.

Cultures resulted in a humate potassium content are free of plant diseases, which in turn discourages insects to destroy them. This natural compound may restore balance in areas of low soil where seedlings are planted. While more and more, the growth of healthy plants resulting receives nutrients through their leaves and roots. Humate work and potassium in the soil and also provide some good traces of vitamins and minerals from the soil to plants to promote natural development.

The chemical compound of these ingredients is a molecular exchange to increase the nutrients and minerals in an environment of soil. This multi-functional composite decreases or neutralizes any toxicity in soil health and plant growth abundant. Research and testing have shown that the natural mixture of potassium humate and is very beneficial for the system to produce bio-organic.

Potassium humate do not soil pollution that could affect the water systems of our food supply. Humate is the result of humic acid is an organic soil bio-degradation of dead plant material and woody materials. Potassium is a normal soil ingredient whose function is to regulate the growth of plants for harvest periods adequate.

The combination of potassium humate and thus improves the soil’s ability to hold more water, maintains soil temperature perfect for plant growth. It also helps to aerate the soil and accelerates germination, especially in hormone levels of the plant. This combination is designed for basic nutritional needs of each plant for effective performance.

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