Price for System: 29,000 + Shipping and Handling charges: 999

The Crofters Ecosystem is an intelligent, self-cleaning, indoor aquaponics garden. It helps you grow completely organic food right inside your living room. Crofters is for passionate gardeners living in crowded apartments without a backyard space or a terrace of their own. The crofters ecosystem helps you grow plants 50-75% faster when compared to traditional methods.
Includes Complete Setup with a starter kit of filter, pump, gravel, fish food, seeds and test kits.
Dimensions: 32″ W x 14″ D x 50-75″ H

• Self-Cleaning 20 Gallon Aquarium.
• A 330 square inch main Grow bed with 7-inch root zone.
• A raft system with 9 2-inch net pots above the aquarium for maximum produce.
• Clean soil-free clay pebbles ideal for aeration, moisture retention and a media for beneficial bacteria.
• Optimized LED Grow Lights for maximum efficiency.
• Wi-Fi connected system for complete automation even when you are on a vacation.
• Smart Phone application to monitor and control the system remotely.
• The Ecosystem is connected to the internet providing valuable data to our servers which help provide tips to get a better produce.
• No more water changes like conventional aquarium.
• Bacteria aid in breakdown of organic material that will be used by the plants. Thus completing the cycle in the Ecosystem.
• An integrated storage compartment for fish food, tools and accessories.
• Sensors are connected in the system to notify you in case of malfunctioning, low water levels, temperature and humidity.

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With increase in urbanisation and population, we often compromise with the quality of food by using harmful chemicals, pesticides and preservatives to meet the growing needs of the people. In our day to day busy schedule we have taken our focus away from the quality of food and a healthy life style. Crofters wants people to know and understand where their food comes from by creating a system that can grow healthy organic food. And the best part of it is that our technology allows you to do that within the rooms of your apartment.

Presenting to you the indigenous, home-grown Crofters ecosystem – is it an aquarium? Is it a home garden? Is it a showpiece for your living room? Which one is it? It will be what you wish it to be.
Equipped with a self-cleaning 20 gallon aquarium and a 330 square inch main grow-bed, our ecosystem fits nicely into your living room. The Crofters ecosystem is a smart, self-cleaning, indoor aquaponics garden. Aquaponics is a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

It is a self-sustaining ecosystem, the periodic water changes for the aquarium part of history. No more emptying the tank, and sloppy migration of the fishes, in and out of the tank. Also, the ecosystem, by exchanging data with our servers, will tell you when it’s time to feed the fish, harvest the plants, or make other adjustments. The app also lets you control the lights, fans, and pumps remotely.

An integrated storage compartment houses all your fish food, tools and other accessories. We have combined nature and technology to build an intelligent Wi-Fi enabled app-and- sensor unit helps you monitor all ecosystem parameters – light intensity, temperature, humidity and water levels. The LEDs inside the Ecosystem are designed to mimic the sun so as to stimulate photosynthesis in plants. It can be controlled for the time of the day and the stage of their growth cycle to ensure optimum plant growth. The bright purple light, add to the visual appeal, by jazzing up the system. Users can use the system to grow vegetables, herbs or small fruits.

You ask – what is left for you to do? Order a Crofters ecosystem right away, and gift your family the joy of seeing your plants and fish grow, right in your living room with an app that takes care of all your needs.

1. What does the Crofters Ecosystem package include?
The Crofters Ecosystem setup includes a starter kit of filter, pump, and gravel, grow media, fish food, seeds and test kits.

2. Is there a warranty?
Crofters Ecosystem comes with one year warranty against manufacturing defects.
3. What all can we grow in this system?
In the Crofters Ecosystem, the user can grow a majority of leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs such as – Broccoli, Eggplant, Cabbage, Kale, Lettuce, Basil, Oregano, Chives, Pak-choi, Mint, Peppers, Tomatoes, Radish, Strawberry, Wheat grass and lot more.
The Crofters App has the details of plants which we can grow in the ecosystem.
The ecosystem has a 330 square inch main Grow bed with 7-inch root zone where you can grow 2 times more the number of plants compared to traditional systems.
Also we have a raft system with 9 2-inch net pots above the aquarium for maximum produce.

4. Do you have an app?
Yes, we have built the mobile app which is available on Google play store to help people remotely access and use the ecosystem without much help.

5. What would be the delivery time?
As the setup is delicate and needs hand delivery, our personnel will be delivering and giving initial guidelines, typically it takes 10-12 days.

6. What would be the average electricity expenses?
This ecosystem will consume electricity of approx. 150-170 Rs per month.

7. How to reach for any other queries?
Feel free to reach us through 080-33013243 or support@greenmylife.in

The app will contain all necessary tools. App can be downloaded through https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.crofters.crofters

Check our detailed video demonstration for Ecosystem

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