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  • Germination takes about 3 days on an average. Sow the seeds in 2 cms depth of soil and cover the seeds lightly with mud. Spinach can be very succesfully grown in containers as well and grows better in cooler temperature. The leaves can be harvested within 4-5 weeks of sowing. Spinach can be harvested in the cut and come again method of harvesting. Cut individual leaves starting with the older outer leaves and let the smaller young inner leaves grow. You can also cut one inch above the crown for the plant to grow new set of leaves.

  • Seeds: Multi-cut Daal Spinach Seeds
    Number of seeds: 40 Seeds
    Type: Open Pollinated Indian Heirloom Seeds
    Germination: Min 80%

  • If you’re thinking about starting a small vegetable garden but feel like a total newbie, here are some simple easy to grow seeds to get you moving towards growing some vegetables on a small and manageable scale!
    Balcony Vegetable Seeds Pack Include:

    Bende/Okra/Lady Finger :20 Seeds
    Palak/Spinach :50 Seeds
    Onion :20 Seeds
    Naati Tomato :20 Seeds
    Dill/Anith/Dantu :50 Seeds
    Methi/Fenugreek :50 Seeds
    Cucumber :15 Seeds
    Carrot :25 Seeds
    Red Chillies :20 Seeds
    Coriander :40 Seeds

    LDPE Large(40x24x24 cm) Grow Bags: 5 QTY


Showing all 3 results