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  • Usage: Add 10ml of Clotol H to 1 liter of water and spray on plants. For better results spray on both sides of the leaves and other parts where insects are found.
    Active Ingredients*: 1.4%
    Emulsifier: 98.6%

  • The manure pellets are made from selected oil cakes and growth promoting substances and they provide the plants all the needed micro and macro nutrients. These pellets are “organic manure pellets”, Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic.

    QTY: 40 Pellets


  • Width is 3 meters and Length is the quantity you purchase when you add to cart (1 meter length is default)

    1. Longer life than other shade nets – This net is made of virgin HDPE instead of recycled HDPE. This ensures better tensile strength and other structural properties leading to longer life. Also UV stabilization prevents degradation of material by ultraviolet rays from the sun.
    2. Decay resistant and resistant to chemicals used in horticulture/floriculture
    3. Moisture resistant and easily washable
    4. Resistant to chemicals used in horticulture/floriculture.
    5. Lightweight – hence easy to carry and install.
    8. Shade percentage – 50% – this means that the net will cut out 50% of the light intensity.
    9. Ideal for – Gardens, Sapling Nurseries, Terraces

    Also available in Black Colour

    • Cucumbers are frost tender. A trailing plant which will grow tendrils as it gets bigger.
    • Cucumbers grow very well in warm climates like the type we are used to in India.
    • They need full sun and can be grown in a container or saplings can be planted directly in the ground.
    • They would need adequate space to climb like a trellis or a wall etc and given some light they will grow uninhibitedly.
    • This variety of slicing cucumbers has sprawling vines with large green leaves and curling tendrils.
    • The seed takes about 3-5 days to germinate post which the fruits will take another 30 to 40 days to appear.
    • The growth of the plant is fast and you will have a bumper crop if you water and care for them regularly.
    • At a time you can expect at least 10-15 cucumbers and you would have to pick the fruits every 2 days.
    • With every order you will receive guidelines for sowing, replanting and care.
    • Also we at GreenMyLife are always a mail away for any questions you may have about your plants.
    • A large bushy plant with attractive purple flowers.
    • Has spiky stems. Wear gloves to harvest fruit as the spikes on the calyx are sharp enough to break one’s skin.
    • The plant can be grown in a container as well as in the ground.
    • The plant grows up to a height of 16 inches to 60 inches in length and the leaves are large and coarsely lobed.
    • The fruits appear approximately 70-80 days after the plant emerges.
    • Each plant yields approximately around 10-15 fruits per week in clusters.
    • While harvesting leave one inch of stem from the fruit and cut with a sharp knife.
    • With every order you will receive guidelines for sowing, replanting and care for these brinjal seeds.
    • Also we at GreenMyLife are always a mail away for any questions you may have about your plants.
  • Amino Acid Powder – 50%
    (Soya Origin – 100% water soluble)
    Quantity: 300 gm

    * Purely Organic
    * Excellent Bio- Stimulant & Soil conditioner
    * Uphold water and nutrients in soil
    * Promotes crop nutrient uptake
    * Boosts Seed germination
    * Stimulates plant growth
    * Induces flowering and fruiting
    * Assures quality yield
    * Minimises water loss from plant

    Dosage: 1 table spoon powder for 2 liters of water.

    Application: Mix thoroughly  GreenMyLife Amino Acid Powder 1 table spoon with 2 liters of water, more preferred to apply as foliar spray(Spray it on the plants).

  • Table Top Grow Kit

    Attractive table top grow bags for display on your office desk, dining table, study table etc. Easy to use and a good choice for those who like planting indoor plants.

    Preferred plants:
    Money Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Begonia, Coleus, Geranium, Calathea Zebrina, Peperomia, Basil, Pudina, Ferns

    Box includes:
    Table top grow bags-6 QTY
    Trays for grow bags- 6 QTY
    Processed Peatbrick suitable for grow bag- 6 QTY
    Boon Harvest satchet- 50gm

    Directions for use:
    1. Open the grow bag and place it on tray
    2. Pour about 350ml water in the bag to reconstitute Peatbrick planting media.
    3. Once the media has fully expanded stir with spoon and the fluffy media is ready for planting.

    Also available in below pattern, product will be sent according to availability of pattern

    table top pattern

  • Seeds: Brinjal Seeds
    QTY: 8gms
    Type: Hybrid Seeds
    Germination: Min. 70%

    • Great for Pecan Trees and other zinc loving trees/plants
    • Preservative for skins and leather
    • Water Treatment
    • Moss Remediation

    Zinc Sulphate 1 Kg

    Zinc is an important micronutrient .It take part in the making of chlorophyll, auxin & growth harmones. Zinc deficiency can be detected by the weakness of the apex of leaves, strange leaf lengthening and shortening of internodes, leaf vein chlorosis and delay of the plant growth. The deficiency of Zinc can be removed by the use of Zinc Sulphate heptahydrate as fertilizer.

  • Copper sulphate can be used as a fertilizer or fungicide. It is commonly used by gardeners and commercial farmers to prevent problems with fungus or mold. The effects of copper sulphate on plants may be negative or positive. The copper status of the soil, together with the frequency of application and quantity of copper sulphate applied, will determine the effects of copper sulphate on plants.

  • Dimension: 8.25″x6.25″(diaxH)
    Diameter: 8.25″
    Height: 6.25″
    Material: MS
    Colour: Red
    Casing: Black MS grilled casing

  • Dimension: 7.25×7.25″x7″(LxBxH)
    Height: 7″
    Material: MS
    Colour: Blue
    Casing: Black MS grilled casing

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