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  • Pack of Choice Mixed Ornamental Chilli
    Quantity: 10 Seeds
    Germination Rate: Min 70.00%
    Type of seed : Hybrid
    Sunlight : Full
    Life-cycle : Annual

  • Seeds: Kale
    Variety: Ornamental Mixed
    QTY: Kitchen Garden Pack (KGP)
    Germination: Min. 80%
    Type: Hybrid Seeds
    Plant height: 45 cm
    Best if grown directly from seeds

  • Seeds: Ornamental Squash Seeds
    Germination: Min.70%
    QTY: 10 Seeds
    Type: Hybrid

  • Kale Seeds – Ornamental  :

    No.of seeds : 40

    Height : 30 – 50cms

    Kale is a hardy, cool-season green that is part of the cabbage family. It grows best in the spring and fall and can tolerate all fall frosts. Kale can be used in salads or as a garnish and is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C.

    Kale is easy to plant. Set plants at the depth at which they are growing in the container. Space them 18 to 24 inches apart. The leaves will grow bigger if given a lot of space, but smaller leaves tend to be the most tender. After planting, water plants well and apply a liquid fertilizer.


    • Water the plants regularly but be sure not to overwater them.
    • Mulch the soil heavily after the first hard freeze; the plants may continue to produce leaves.
    • The picture is an indication of type only

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Showing all 4 results