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  • Number of seeds:100
    Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum
    Type of seed : Hybrid
    Sunlight : Full, Part Sunlight
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Variety: Red Basil

  • Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum
    GERMINATION RATE : Min 70.00%
    Number of sweet scented basil seeds: 100
    Type of seed : Hybrid
    Sunlight : Full
    Life-cycle : Annual
    Ease-of-care: Easy

    Basil is a culinary herb prominently featured in Indian cuisine, The plant tastes somewhat like anise, with a strong, pungent sweet smell. There are many varieties including, thai, purple ruffles and lemon.

  • Table Top Grow Kit

    Attractive table top grow bags for display on your office desk, dining table, study table etc. Easy to use and a good choice for those who like planting indoor plants.

    Preferred plants:
    Money Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Begonia, Coleus, Geranium, Calathea Zebrina, Peperomia, Basil, Pudina, Ferns

    Box includes:
    Table top grow bags-6 QTY
    Trays for grow bags- 6 QTY
    Processed Peatbrick suitable for grow bag- 6 QTY
    Boon Harvest satchet- 50gm

    Directions for use:
    1. Open the grow bag and place it on tray
    2. Pour about 350ml water in the bag to reconstitute Peatbrick planting media.
    3. Once the media has fully expanded stir with spoon and the fluffy media is ready for planting.

    Also available in below pattern, product will be sent according to availability of pattern

    table top pattern

  • Germination: 75%
    Number of seeds: 0.2 gms

  • Tulsi plant, indian name:  tulsi (also tulasa«),

    botanical name: ocimum tenuiflorum,

    family:  lamiaceae,

    parts use:  leaves, seed, whole body, description, tulsi is native to india, where it often graces shrines and homes as an aromatic perennial shrub.

    Tulsi is grown as an annual herb in temperate climates.

    Naturally Grown Tulsi Seeds, 50 seeds

    Germination – 75 %

  • Non GMO, Open Pollinated, Organic, Heirloom Seeds.
    QTY: 5 gram
    Variety: Italian

  • Kitchen Favorite Herbs Seeds Pack

    Plant these popular herbs in your garden and enjoy some fresh-from-the-earth taste at your dinner table.
    Growing herbs at home is a fun, money-saving hobby that also happens to be good for your health. In addition to flavoring up your favorite dishes, herbs are filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients
    When you grow your own herbs you can use what you need at the moment by harvesting small amounts, fresh from the plant.

    Italian Large Leaf Basil – (10 Seeds)
    Coriander Seeds – (50 Seeds)
    Parsley Seeds – (15 Seeds)
    Thyme Seeds – (30 Seeds)
    Methi Seeds – (30 Seeds)
    VNS Alfalfa Seeds – (50 Seeds)
    Mammoth Dill Seeds – (20 Seeds)
    Amaranthus- (100 Seeds)



Showing all 8 results