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Special Combos

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  • Capacity: 800 ML
    Dimensions(In Inches): Height- 9 Inches

    This Combo is designed for people who love feeding birds thereby helping to provide a perfect Habitat to attract all types of birds in their own little bird sanctuary.

    Combo of 10 bird feeders

    Bird feeder which is used to attract a variety of garden bird. Give garden birds some tasty treats with this simple, but attractive bird feeder.

    Install Bird feeder in your garden, balcony or backyard to attract a range of garden birds from sparrows to parakeets. The bird feeder has four easy to perch, grain saving feeding port. Made from high-quality food grade plastic it’s easy to install, refill and clean.

  • Natural Care Kit for 200 Sq Ft Garden includes:

    Content Quantity
    Desi Cow Manure 8 kg
    Desi Cow Ghana Jeevamrith 1 kg
    Desi Gau Dung Ash 1 kg
    Neemastra 1 Ltr


  • This Combo gives a special set comes with HDPE and LDPE grow bag combination. This is a useful set to grow different veggies in your garden/balcony/terrace. This combo helps in making the use of maximum space at your place unlike the regular planters, as planter consume most of the place in between making unutilised space wasted.

    Grow Bag Gold Combo Pack includes:
    HDPE Square Grow Bag 12″ X 12″ X 12″ – 3 QTY
    HDPE Round Grow Bag 9″ X 9″- 2 QTY
    LDPE Grow bag(Large)- 5 QTY
    LDPE Grow bag(Medium)-3 QTY
    LDPE Grow bag(Small)-3 QTY

  • Peppy Pops
    Type: Peppy Pops Combo Value pack
    Box includes: 7 pairs of different species + 10 nos of assorted small birds
    Weight: final package with 24 birds ~ 1300 g
    Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 3 cm (Pair) +
    6 x 2 x 2 cms (small bird)

  • LDPE Grow Bags Combo Pack

    Grow Bags are ideal for balcony or small gardens, where space is a premium and you don’t want to be fiddling around with dirt.

    LDPE Grow Bags Kit include:

    Large Grow Bags- 6 QTY
    Height: 40 cm – Length: 24 cm – Width: 24 cm

    Medium Grow Bags- 4 QTY
    Height: 23 cm – Length: 23 cm – Width: 17 cm

    Small Grow Bags- 4 QTY
    Height: 21 cm – Length: 18 cm – Width: 14 cm

    Specification: 150 Microns, 600 Gauge, U.V. Stabilized

  • This Combo pack includes self watering planter which is a perfect size for growing Zinnia + Potting Mix + Zinnia Seeds pack

  • This Combo pack includes self watering planter Which is a perfect size for growing Dahlia + Potting Mix + Dalhia Seeds pack

  • Drain Cell: Rectangle Dimension: 20 inch X 9.5 inch
    Thickness: 20 mm

    QTY: 2 pieces


    Grow Bag: Height: 40 cm X Length: 24 cm X Width: 24 cm
    150 Microns, 600 Gauge
    U.V. Stabilized

    QTY: 4 Bags

  • Total Plant Care Pack,


    is an organic growth stimulant for all types of plants, milch animals, goat, poultry, fish, etc. It has been used since our ancient times to safeguard plants and soil micro-organisms and to boost plant production. Panchagavya application is found to be more profitable than the recommended fertilizer application and chemical spray. It in prepared from 5 products derived from the cow (‘panch’ meaning five and ‘gavya’ meaning cow). Its main ingredients are: cow dung,cow urine,cow milk,cow curd,cow ghee.

    Clotol H:

    Clotol H is a Herbal spray formulation for horticultural crops.
    It Provides protection to plants at both curative and preventive levels against pests and diseases.
    Boosts general vigor of the plants.
    On regular application it enhances immune mechanism of plants and improves appearance of fruits and flowers.
    Moreover it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and organic based.

    Neem Oil:

    Neem oil is a highly effective and 100% natural pesticide, extracted from the seeds of the Neem tree in India. Neem oil is non-toxic to animals or people. Neem is systemic.
    Neem oil is most effective when used as a preventive, meaning that you spray every crop regardless of whether or not you see a pest.
    Organic Neem sprays can protect garden plants from chewing insects and fungal diseases and protect people and animals from biting bugs.

    • Contains pure A2 milk, A2 curd, pure A2 ghee, Desi Cow Urine, Cow Dung, tender coconut water & organic jaggery
    • Ideal for kitchen gardens
    • Usage: To be used in 3%-5% concentration on foliar/soil
    • Size: 1.2 ltr
    • Organic natural fertiliser for plants with ZERO chemicals

    Agni astra is a complete organic pesticide prepared with the Indian traditional methodology.

    Panchagavya/Panchakavya’ is a Organic Plant Liquid Fertilizer. Works as growth Stimultant.


Showing all 10 results