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Seeds Pencil

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  • Variant: Different Seeds
    Quantity: Set of 4

    These pencils contain seeds of vegetables, and after it is used, can be buried in your garden pot. Making these seed pencils sprout with constant care and watering is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. These seed pens will sprout within 7-10 days and can be used for your home garden or as container garden decor.

  • These recycled paper pens, a great alternative to plastic ballpoint pens, don’t just address the plastic menace but also contain seeds that can grow into veggie plants.

    The seemingly innocuous ballpoint pens – we lose them more than we use them! We trash them instead of bothering to buy new refills. Do we even realize that these millions of small writing instruments sold daily are made of plastic and contribute to the degradation of the environment?

    Quantity: Set of 4 pens

Showing all 2 results