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Micro Nutrients

Plant specific micro nutrients essential for avoiding and curing the deficiency. Check the product wide description for more details.

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  • Foliar Fertilizer for Flowering Fertilizer, Kitchen Garden, Cardamom & Pepper.

  • Amino Acid Powder – 50%
    (Soya Origin – 100% water soluble)
    Quantity: 300 gm

    * Purely Organic
    * Excellent Bio- Stimulant & Soil conditioner
    * Uphold water and nutrients in soil
    * Promotes crop nutrient uptake
    * Boosts Seed germination
    * Stimulates plant growth
    * Induces flowering and fruiting
    * Assures quality yield
    * Minimises water loss from plant

    Dosage: 1 table spoon powder for 2 liters of water.

    Application: Mix thoroughly  GreenMyLife Amino Acid Powder 1 table spoon with 2 liters of water, more preferred to apply as foliar spray(Spray it on the plants).

  • Suvarna Mico Food contains a balanced composition of all micro elements, namely, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Boron and Molybdenum & Magnesium Oxide.
    Since there is a perfect balance of all the micro nutrients, a prophylactic application of this Micro Nutrient Ferilizer virtually ensures a micro-nutrient deficiency free crop, with excellent health of the crop and finest quality of the produce.

    QTY: 1 Kg
    For: Banana Only

  • Copper sulphate can be used as a fertilizer or fungicide. It is commonly used by gardeners and commercial farmers to prevent problems with fungus or mold. The effects of copper sulphate on plants may be negative or positive. The copper status of the soil, together with the frequency of application and quantity of copper sulphate applied, will determine the effects of copper sulphate on plants.

  • Chemical Name:Potassium chloride
    QTY: 1 Kg of MOP

    Features and benefits Muriate of Potash (MOP)
    Potassium stimulates the growth of strong stems and gives the plant some disease resistance by promoting thickness of the outer cell walls.
    Adequate potassium can reduce moisture loss from growing plants, thereby giving some drought resistance.
    Potassium improves colour, flavour and storing quality of fruit and vegetables.
    MOP is the most concentrated form of granular potassium and typically the most cost effective.
    The even granule size of MOP allows for accurate spreading.
    MOP is commonly blended with SSP to supply major nutrients for pasture based systems

    Occurs as a natural salt and after processing to cleanse out unwanted salts (especially common salt), it is usually compacted into ‘chips’ and screened to meet size specifications.

    MOP is used extensively for fertilising pastures, sugar cane, fruit trees, vegetables, and other field crops.

    • Great for Pecan Trees and other zinc loving trees/plants
    • Preservative for skins and leather
    • Water Treatment
    • Moss Remediation

    Zinc Sulphate 1 Kg

    Zinc is an important micronutrient .It take part in the making of chlorophyll, auxin & growth harmones. Zinc deficiency can be detected by the weakness of the apex of leaves, strange leaf lengthening and shortening of internodes, leaf vein chlorosis and delay of the plant growth. The deficiency of Zinc can be removed by the use of Zinc Sulphate heptahydrate as fertilizer.

  • Microfood For Coconut – 1 Kg

    Combination of micro nutrients developed mainly for Coconut plants. Increases the yield by improving the plants fertilizers absorption capacity. Best for soil application.

    Nutrient Content On Percentage Basis
    Magnesium : 7%
    Iron : 0.8%
    Copper : 0.3%
    Manganese : 0.15%
    Zinc : 1.8%
    Boron : 0.4%
    Molybdenum : 0.1%
    Sulphur : 8%
    Calcium : 10%

Showing all 7 results