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Outdoor Plants

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  • Water Bamboo/ Horsetail fern / (Equisetum arvense) : Is a great looking plant for minimal themed balconies and also as a pond flora.

    Design Details : Comes in White and Yellow Clay Pots.
    Dimensions :
    Diameter : 12 Inches | Height : 7 Inches

  • Ficus Triangularis: Is a good houseplant and will thrive in a well lit place – a west balcony, or in partial shade outside. We have planted this in a yellow long  pot that will enhance its stunning look.

    Design details : Fantastic gift potted in a various multi-colored small terracotta well baked pot.

    Dimensions : About 1’6″ total height.

  • Tulasi Brindavan – 12 inches Pot (Ocimum sanctum)

    Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Design detail : One of a kind of brindavanam that has been hand designed by our team!

    Tulasi Plant needs no introduction for Indians. This brindavan is specially designed and handcrafted by our designers.

    Light: Needs full sunlight. Place in an east facing balcony or on terrace.

    Water: Needs watering everyday and loves its leaves getting wet.

    General Tips: Has great medicinal and culinary value.

  • Climbing Fig in Ceramic Pot

    Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Design details : We have planted this beauty in a terracota basket and can be ideal gifts.

    Climbing Fig (Ficus Repens) : A lovely creeping plant that adds character to any wall or plane surface, this plant can also be grown in hanging pots.

    Light: It can survive in full light as well as semi shade.

    Soil: Fertile loamy soil with good drainage.

    Watering: Likes to be watered everyday.

    Feeding: Any organic manure or mild NPK every week is good for shining leaves.

    Repotting: This is needed if the plant has outgrown its pot. It’s a good idea to repot in Spring.

    Propagation: Through leaf cuttings.

    Tips: Climbing figs grow pretty fast in best conditions. They also need regular pruning to look good.

Showing all 4 results