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Indoor Plants

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  • Live Bouquet in ceramic bowl

    Placement: Indoor

    Design details : Live bouquet of green house plants
    Maintenance : Low

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

  • Design details :
    Great indoor plants to add a zing to your living rooms

    Dimensions :
    Width: 9″; Height: 2′-6″

    Ficus Green Island: Is a typical ficus plant that can thrive in an eastern sill or window. Excellent indoor plants. These gorgeous beauties are planted in a white terracotta pot to enhance the deep emerald of the leaves.

  • Design details :
    Fantastic gift potted in a various multi-colored small terracotta well baked pot.

    Dimensions :
    width: 6-9″ ; height: 6-9″

    Blushing Bromeliad (Neoregelia Bromeliads): Is a great indoor plant for adding color to your decor. We have planted this in a flat white pot to add the jazz to your indoors.

  • Design details : An eclectic mix of philodedendron & fittunia in a blue terracota pot

    Dimensions : Width: 0-9″max width; Height:1′-6 approx

    Bouquet in blue: A philodendron Xanadu and a fittunia present an eclectic mix to your indoor plant collection, planted in a befitting blue terracotta pot.

  • Snake Plant in Terracotta Pot

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Design details : This handsome hunk is planted in a long ribbed terracota pot.

    Snake Plant (Sansevaria) : This is a very low-maintenance houseplant that is primarily grown for its resplendent leaves. It is a very hardy plant and can tolerate over-watering and under-watering as well as over exposure and under exposure to sun. Mudfingers recommends this for new gardeners. This plant is planted in a round ribbed terracota pot.

    Light: Thrives well in full sun as well as partial shade. When kept in full sun, the plant tends to flower (not too eye-catchy) as well as a shine is seen in the leaves.

    Soil: Very well drained sandy mixture.

    Watering: Very drought tolerant plant. Water once in 3-4 days during summers and once a week in winters.

    Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once in 2 months is more than sufficient during the growing months of spring.

    Repotting: The snake plant does not enjoy being re-potted very often, so re-pot only when the pot cracks from growth. They’re best potted within a clay pot that can crack once maximum growth space within the pot is used.

    Propagation: Very easy to propagate. Divide the plant during re-potting.

    Speed of Growth: Slow

    Flowers: Well cared plants give forth white colored flowers.

    Tips: Air purifitying: While all plants purify air-borne toxins the snake plant is among the top plant’s tested and added to a list by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) for removing, benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful toxins.

  • Tin Pots – Maranta – White

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Maranta rubra: Vibrant plant ideal for indoors, this one is placed in a vivdly colored tin pot.

    Light: Needs partial sunlight and can be kept on Writing Desks, Windows etc.,

    Soil: Sandy loam, Excellent drainage.

    Watering: Water every alternate day.

    Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once a month is more than sufficient.

    Repotting: This is not normally needed, but if the plant has outgrown its pot it’s a good idea to repot in Spring.

    Speed of Growth: Slow.

  • Miniature Jade in Designer Pot

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Miniature Jade (Portulacaria Afra Variegata) : These are pretty identical to Jade plants . They are ideal to be gifted as house-warming plants and are supposed to bring good luck. The fact that these lovely plants are not at all demanding, seem to add to their appeal.

    This medium sized miniature Jade is planted in a large black oval Indian ceramic pot.

    Light – Place him in bright light or under in-direct sunlight to see him happy! But never place him in deep shade.

    Soil – Sandy with good drainage

    Water – Very less. Water once in 2 days during summers and once a week in winters

    Helpful Tips – Like Jades, these too hate pampering and do not tolerate over-watering. Let the pot dry completely between watering.

    These miniatures can be trained to become excellent Bonsai of the Cascade & Forest grove style.

  • Tin Pots – Bromeliads – Blue

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Blushing Bromeliad (Neoregelia Tricolor) : A tropical beauty to behold, these bromeliads are very short statured and make some awesome table plants. This one has been placed in a blue tin pot that can be hanged in your balcony (east or north facing)

    Light: Indirect light or moderate shade. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

    Water: Keep water in the central cup. Change water frequently with clean water to prevent rot.

    Soil: Any kind of soil is suitable. They need soil only for support.

    Propagation: Gives forth babies regularly. Cut these and plant them to grow into mature adults.

    Repotting: Mature bromeliads should not be repotted. Smaller bromeliads can be potted into small containers until they are established.

    Green tips: The two best tips for success are these: make sure the plant is potted adequately so it won’t pull over the container and provide ample warmth and humidity.

  • Peperomia Tricolor in Ceramic Pot

    Available Only for Bangalore Delivery

    Peperomia Tricolor : A gracefully colorful plant, this peperomia is good for partial shade and is planted in a brown Indian ceramic pot.

    Light: It can survive in partial light.

    Soil: Sandy, Excellent drainage.

    Watering: Very low watering. These are drought resistant, yet need good watering to thrive. Water once in 3 days in summer and space it even further during monsoon and winter.

    Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once a month is more than sufficient.

    Repotting: This is not normally needed, but if the plant has outgrown its pot it’s a good idea to repot in Spring.

    Propagation: Through leaf cuttings.

    Speed of Growth: Slow.

Showing all 9 results