Geranium is a genus of 422 species of flowering annual, biennial and perennial plants known commonly as cranesbills. They are found throughout temperate regions of the world and in eastern part of the Mediterranean region. The name ‘cranesbill’ is derived from their appearance of the fruit capsule of some species, which is shaped like a long unsprung column and like the bill of a crane. It is a diverse group containing types that grow in a range of conditions in full sun. They are easy to maintain and can multiply in numbers readily.
Having just a plain green patch of land in your garden is a little too bland sometimes. Here's where ground covers can help! What ground covers do is that they produce beautiful blooms and enhance the look of the otherwise bare patches of land. Ground covers also help us bind the soil and protect the land from weeds. They can also fill a lot of empty space in the garden within a short span of time.