We strongly recommend having an irrigation set up for your garden because it helps in cutting down your water usage, saving the time you spend in watering manually and making sure your plants get watered frequently even in case you are travelling. Our Horticulturists, Landscape architects and Irrigation experts together work on designing irrigation systems for your garden based on the kind of plants and their water requirement, layout, water pressure available and site feasibility. They then decide the usage of Pop Up sprinklers and/or drip irrigation for each of the areas. We can also provide automated irrigation systems that can operate on its own once programmed or give you wifi enabled options that you can control from your phone!

Our irrigation execution staff will lay the piping, required solenoid valves in case of automation, motor and the drip lines, sprinkler heads etc. This will be tested out and demonstrated to you before commissioning so that you are completely familiar with your irrigation system. Our Irrigation engineers have over 20 years of expertise in the field and use the best systems and material available so that you have a hassle free experience.