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Holy Tulsi Seeds Pack of 50 seeds


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Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, Non-Treated, Organic Seeds
Germination: 65%
Number of Seeds: 50

There’s never a wrong time to plant Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil), to honor the sacred herb and experience its wide range of beneficial qualities.

Known as the “Queen of Herbs,” Tulsi has been revered in India for more than 5,000 years. Not only found in temples, you also will find Tulsi cultivated in many Indian homes and gardens. It is said to keep the energy of the house pure, through day and night.

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Tulsi, a medicinal herb is native to India, its spicy and refreshing fragrance and tiny colorful flowers make this a useful houseplant.
Tulsi grows as a perennial plant all through the regions in India.

Tulsi grows well in loamy and fertile soil with good drainage, pH level around 6 to 7.5 is optimal.

Holy basil thrives in full sun but grows in partial shade too, at least four hours of sunlight a day is required.

Water the plant when top one inch of soil is dry. Do not water during rain. Reduce watering in the winter to prevent diseases.

Tulsi Plant Care
It is important to pinch tops of Tulasi plant when they are forming four or six pairs of leaves, this will make the plant grow bushier. Even the flower buds need to be removed when they appear. It grows more lush and full when seed production is prevented.

It is also important to remove the faded, wilted or discolored leaves to encourage the growth of new foliage. Regular removal of old leaves and flower buds keep the plant healthy.

Apply balanced liquid fertilizer once in every couple of weeks. Replacing top two-inch layer of soil with compost every year or in six months is also beneficial.

Prune Tulsi as needed throughout the year to control its size and promote bushier and more compact growth. Remove no more than half of the growth of stem while pruning.

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