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Scientific name: Dianthus Caryophyllus
Germination Rate : Min 70.00%
Number of seeds: 100
Type of seed : Hybrid
Sunlight : Full
Life-cycle : Annual
Ease-of-care: Easy

A wonderful plant found in many hierloom gardens, Dianthus have been a favorite of gardeners for generations. Easy to grow and wonderfully colored, it is no wonder to find them a part of so many gardens.
The flowers rise from two inches up to two feet above the leaves, sometimes leaning a little lazily as they stretch toward the sun. The blooms, which have a ruffled edge that looks as if it has been trimmed with pinking shears, are typically only about an inch across, but healthy plants produce dozens of showy flowers at once. Dianthus flowers may be snow white, blush pink, bright magenta, or bicolored, with a flashy contrasting center or picotee edge. ‘Diana’s Blueberry Hybrid’ is a soft but dazzling blue.
Dianthus are drought-tolerant plants for sunny spots at the edge of a flower bed or a path. The plants take hold willingly in the cracks of a rock wall, where their roots can stay cool. In small flower pots, pinks spread out to make a handsome display. They flourish in the cool temperatures in spring and fall, but they are surprisingly adaptable.
They are typical old-time posey plants and perfect button-hole blooms, but they suit modern gardens and gardeners, too: the plants have a sleek look and do not need pampering, and the fragrance has just the right amount of spice.

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Q: Hi I just want to know whether this plant is annual or perennial
— Asked by abhishek bose on July 19, 2015
A: Hi Abhishek. Thank you for your query. Dianthus is a biennial plant- which means that it's life cycle is for 2 years.

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