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Scientific name: Osteospermum
Germination Rate : Min 70.00%
Type of seed : Hybrid
Sunlight : Full
Life-cycle : Annual
Ease-of-care: Easy

Sow the seeds in a seed pan during the cool autumn months of the year. In the southern hemisphere that is April to mid June. Ensure that there is adequate drainage in the bottom of the seed pan. If the seeds stand in too much water they will more than likely rot. The best medium to sow the seeds in is a sandy loam mixture. On top of this mixture, sprinkle a thin layer of coarse river sand, 5 mm deep. It is into this sand that the seeds are sown. Keep the area weed-free and water every second day. During very hot and dry weather water daily, preferably in the early morning when it is cool. Ensure, when watering, that the seeds are not blasted out of the soil; gentle watering is advised. Ensure that the seed trays are positioned in a sunny area. Seeds should be sown 4 mm below the soil surface. Do not sow the seeds too deep. If sown too deep, they will be smothered and probably not germinate. Plant the seedlings out in September/October of the same year when they are approximately 50 mm in height.

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