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Includes: 8 Seed trays
Pattern: 5 X 10
No. of Cells per Tray: 50
Overall Length(mm): 270
Overall Width(mm): 520
Cell Depth(mm): 45

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Seedling trays help in producing healthy and uniform seedlings and prevents transplanting shock due to healthier and stronger roots. It uses to achieve the best results from the high quality seeds.

Benefits of using seedling trays:
*Using seedling trays, one can be assured of 100% seed germination unlike conventional method.
*The roots of seedling grows to its optimum size
*Seedlings grown in trays are healthy and grow into a healthy and disease free crop
*Considerable savings can be achieved as cost efficiency is increased by lower consumption of water and fertilizers with the usage of seedling trays
*The close, calibrated spacing of seedlings increases the productivity while saving on land space.
*The use of our seedling trays increases productivity and reduces unnecessary expense, thus saving on both time and money
*Seedling trays facilitates easy handling during transplantation of delicate seedlings


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