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Material – Plastic , Matte finish , Virgin Plastic

Dimension : 10 cm dia x 11 cm H (or) 4 inch dia x 4.5 inch H

Quantity: 3 Pots

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Krish Collection Self Watering Table Top Planter

Color: Red

Quantity: Pack Of 3

Material: Plastic, Matte finish, Virgin Plastic

Dimension: 10 cm dia x 11 cm H (or) 4 inch dia x 4.5 inch H

Sleek self watering planters perfect for succulents, herbs, small ornamental plants and indoor table top plants. The self watering planters come with a reservoir at the bottom.

Plants take water from reservoir as and when required. These planters take care of the irrigation needs of your plants even in your absence. No more seepage in your room or your building walls due to over watering and no more ugly water marks.

Self watering pots are designed to give convenient plant care. Each pot has a reservoir tray which holds water. The divider disks allows water to be in a continuous contact with soil/ growing medium through its slits. Soil absorbs water via capillary and the plants get water as and when required.

Special Note: Picture is for indication purpose only. Package will include only pots and not plants.

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