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Vital Coconut


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Vital coconut is a liquid herbal manure specially for coconut trees.

Quantity: 250 ml

Content state: Liquid

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Vital coconut is Eco-friendly, Nontoxic liquid herbal manure. It provides the tree all the needed nutrient. Effect of the manure, will be seen after few applications as green leaves, bigger inflorescence, more nuts etc. Since coconut tree will be large, nutrient applied to the ground takes a number of days to circulate to the corners of the tree. So, the effect will be visible after two to three months.

Make a trough or trench two to three feet away around the tree
Mix 100 ml Vital coconut in five litre water and pour it inside the trench.
Repeat the application once in three months.
Avoid the days with heavy rainfall.

Coconut trees produce flower and nuts throughout the year.
So manuring at any time the year is alright except during heavy rainfall as the manure may get washed off.

Q: My coconut tree is 5 yrs old. In the beginning, the flowers used to dry-off and fall. However, presently the tree is turning out to health and green and is bearing around 15 nuts. How much of this manure will I require for my coconut tree? Also, kindly guide me as to how can I apply it since there is not much space around my tree as it is in my home garden.
— Asked by Dr raj pajgade on December 27, 2014
A: Thank you for your query, Dr. Raj. It is good to know that your Coconut plant has recovered its health and is now healthy and bearing fruits. You will not require much space around your tree for applying this fertiliser. Simply dig a shallow trench which is about 2 feet around your tree. Since this is a liquid manure, you will need to mix 100 ml of Vital Coconut in 5 litres of water. Pour this liquid-mixture in that trench, avoiding rainy days for pouring this manure as it may get washed away. Repeat this exercise in 3 month's time. The quantity in 1 packet of Vital coconut is 250 ml. Since you need to use only 100 ml of this manure once every 3 months, therefore 1 packet of Vital Coconut will last for 6 months. For any further assistance, feel free to call us at 080 – 33013243.
Q: coconut tree is 7 to 8 years old flowering has started 2 years back ,but flowers are not standing it dries and withers away ,suggest solution.
— Asked by balasunder on November 12, 2014
A: Premature falling of coconut flowers is mainly due to: 1) natural abscission- shedding of excess parts by a plant to conserve water and energy, 2) rough weather, 3) fungus Phytoplasma transmitted by leaf hoppers, 4) Coconut bug. To get rid of fungal diseases and insects, try spraying the infected parts using Organic Pesticides like Panchagavya and Neem-oil (available in our online shop). Natural enemies of the coconut bug includes weaver ants. Grow mango, guava or citrus trees close-by which are attractive to weaver ants.

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