This Ready to potting mix is made of
4 parts of Jaivik Shakthi Compost + 1 Part of Sand + 1 Part of red soil
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An ideal potting mix provides necessary nutritions to the plant, aeration to roots and longer life.
This Ready to potting mix is made of
4 parts of Jaivik Shakthi Compost
1 Part of Sand
1 Part of red soil

What is Jaivik Shakthi?
This is a Scientifically composted organic fertilizer. Jaivik Shakthi is made from composted horse manure, fortified with vermicompost.

It has a number of beneficial factors. It will need to be mixed with soil. microflora, for nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization.

Horse manure is used as base for the compost. The horse manure is sourced from Stud Farms of our own organization, hence that assures of high quality.
The high micro nutrient content makes it suitable for all soil types, all crops and all seasons. Regular use of Eco Jaivik Shakthi improves soil health, enriches nutrients and produces better yields. It is an important soil input for potted plants, ornamentals, Bananas and many other field crops. Scientifically tested & proved for organic vegetable cultivation.

Total Organic Carbon : 10.6%
Nitrogen : 1.3%
C/N ratio : 8.15
Phosphorous : 1.78%
Potassium : 0.91%
Zinc : 104ppm
Iron : 4150ppm
Copper : 40ppm
Manganese : 332ppm
Cobalt : 1.1ppm
pH : 7.6
EC (mmhos/cm)1% solution : 0.04
Heavy metals : <0.1ppm


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Q: Do I need to mix garden soil with it or plant the seeding in it directly ? Clearly specify.
— Asked by Sushmita Banarjii Mitra on August 17, 2015
A: Hi Sushmita. Thank you for your query. "Ready to use Potting mix" is rich in organic compost, hence it acts as a nutrient rich supplement for the regular soil. Mix it with garden soil in equal ratios before planting any seed in it.
Q: can we use it direct without adding any soil into the pot.
— Asked by kushmendra on May 6, 2015
A: Hi Kushmendra! Thank you for your query. Yes, this ready to use potting soil can be used directly for growing plants in pots or ground. It's a balanced potting mix that will keep your plants healthy and thriving. Happy Gardening!
Q: How many Grow Bags (Size:24x24x40 cm) can be filled with this 5 kg Potting Mix?
— Asked by Vijay on July 8, 2015
A: Hi Vijay. Thank you for your query. Since this potting soil contains almost 70% compost, you can mix it with an equal amount of 5 kg garden soil. Together you'll get 10 kg of healthy potting soil, which can fill 1 Grow Bag (24x24x40 cm).

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