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Natural Care Kit for 200 Sq Ft Garden


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Natural Care Kit for 200 Sq Ft Garden includes:

Content Quantity
Desi Cow Manure 8 kg
Desi Cow Ghana Jeevamrith 1 kg
Desi Gau Dung Ash 1 kg
Neemastra 1 Ltr


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Desi Cow Manure (8 Kg)
An output of the biogas plant is anaerobically digested slurry which is further mixed with aerobic microbial culture for complete decomposition.
The product is well-composted desi cow manure. This has given terrific results on field trials in farms as well as kitchen and home garden. The quality of compost is surpassing best of the specifications in this category

Some of the benefits of these products are:-
* Odorless, hence no smell even in indoor applications
* Rodents and flies are not attracted to the digested residue.
* Provides all macro and micronutrients to the plant
* Organic nitrogen will be hydrolyzed to ammonia nitrogen.
* Improves water retention capacity in soil
* Rich source of organic carbon

To spray at time of flowering stage where use 8kg for 210 sq.ft.

Ghana Jeevamrith (1 Kg)
Ghana Jeevamrith not only contains nutrients for plants, it also contains millions of soil friendly microbes. When they are fed well, they multiply. And when you feed the soil with these microbes comes alive. They not only improve the structure of the soil; they also start to break down the available nutrients into a form that can be easily taken in by plants. The process of making it is basically a process of increasing the number of already available microbial life in fresh cow dung of the Indian breed cow. It is basically used to provide an appropriate macro environment for desi
earthworm to perform its task of bringing the abundance nutrient present beneath the earth surface

Dosage: –
To spray at time of flowering stage where use 1kg for 210 sq.ft.

Gau Dung Ash
Ash is primarily composed of Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, and Magnesium trace amount of Iron, Sodium and Zinc
Uses of ash are
* Neutralize acidic soil: – Always maintain pH of garden soil between 6.5 to 7 unless want acidic fruit
* Ash contains up to 70% calcium carbonate CaCo3 and can be used as a substitute of lime
* Can be brewed to prevent or correct potassium defensives.
* A light dusting of ash on the lawn can help promote greener pastures then do apply water so that it doesn’t blow away

It is a natural pest repellant for sucking pest and mealy bugs, it is basically made from desi gau mutra and neem leaf which is very important for making the sucking pest to repel.
To spray as and when you notice any sucking pest on the farm but never mix it with water, just spray on trees, plant
1 litre is sufficient for 210 sq.ft.

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