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Calcium Nitrate 1 Kg Micro Nutrient for Plants

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It is a fertilizer made up of two nutrients, with a white grainy appearance that dissolves quickly in water and can be absorbed rapidly by plants. It is an perfect combination of %15.5 nitrogen in nitrate form that rapidly dissolves in water and %26.5 calcium. Its nitrate nitrogen and fully water soluble calcium combination provides good affects not found in any other fertilizer.

Calcium nitrate contains two of the basic nourishment elements that plants must have: Nitrate nitrogen and calcium. Calcium nitrate is the best choice for any kind of plants in all soils and climates for top fertilization. Because of the combined intake of the calcium and the nitrate by the plants, there is no residue in the roots as with some other types of fertilization. The positive effected combination of these two basic nourishment elements does not leave the soil salty. The effect of the nitrogen in nitrate form on the roots is such that the water-soluble calcium is more easily absorbed and thus better provides the plant with its calcium requirements.

How to apply?
Loosen top layer of the soil and spread 5-10 grams of calcium nitrate per plant.
Apply 6 months once.

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In addition to being nutrition for plants, calcium nitrate has a amelioration effect on the soil. It facilitates the transformation of minerals in clay soil to a form more easily used by plants. In irrigated soils with less calcium or a lot of sodium, the clay layer can become compact. As a result, water and oxygen activity is reduced and the development of the plant is adversely affected. Calcium forces separation of the clay layer and gives soil a more porous appearance.


  • It increases yield and quality
  • It builds up resistance to disease and pests
  • It provides resistance during transport
  • it extends the storage life of fruits
  • Rapid absorption of calcium and nitrate
  • it contains no filler or additives
  • it doesn’t steam, wash or burn
  • it doesn’t create alkaline conditions
  • it does not create salt conditions

The presence of calcium carbonate (lime) in the soil does not mean that the plant can get enough calcium. Calcium carbonate does not dissolve well in water. Particularly in drip or spring irrigation applications, calcium nitrate should be used alone and not in combination with sulfurous or phosphorous fertilizers. It should not be used in combination with agricultural chemical.

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