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Boron 1 Kg Micro Nutrient for Plants

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One of the micronutrients that is essential for crop health also happens to be one of the most deficient in the majority of fields: boron.

Boron (B) is vital to plant health, due to its role in forming and strengthening cell walls. Low boron levels lead to poor growth of fast growing tissues and plant development. Different plants need different amounts of boron, but for the most part, boron is not easily transported within the plants. For that reason, boron should continuously be available for uptake by the roots, and especially prior to flowering, as it is vital to the reproduction process.

Boron’s role in forming and strengthening cell walls is critical. However, concentration of boron is different among species — dicots require higher levels than monocots, and therefore demand higher boron levels in the soil. Boron deficiency results in short, thick cell walls, and root and pollen tube elongation is inhibited. Flowers can fail to set seeds. And research also shows that boron is important in nitrogen fixation and nodulation in legumes.

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Boron deficiency symptoms:
Boron deficiency symptoms are related to its main role in plants, cell wall expansion and structure. Typical deficiency symptoms include: impaired cell expansion in rapidly growing organs (leaves, roots, pollen tube), impaired growth of the plant meristems in roots and shoots causing malformation and thick and shorter roots, flower abortion, male and female flowers sterility, and reduced seed set due to inhibition of pollen growth. Reproductive organs, which have a high concentration of pectins rich in B, are frequently most sensitive to B deficiency because of their high B demand. . These organs also have low transpiration rates which limit the movement of B to these tissues.

Leaf symptoms of B deficiency develop in young leaves of plants that cannot mobilize B. Under severe B deficiency, stunted growth and death of growing tissue commonly occur. Inhibition of root elongation, failure of flowers to set seeds and fruit abortion are also common effects of B deficiency. However, these negative effects may occur without any visible leaf symptoms of B deficiency. Additional characteristic symptoms of B deficiency include the internal breakdown of tissues, especially in root crops (e.g., sugarbeet, turnip, potatoes) and fruit cracking (e.g. apple)

The figure above demonstrates the effect of removing the micronutrient boron during growth of the popular horticultural plant Pelargonium (widely known as Geranium)

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