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Barrix Magic Sticker – Yellow, Pack of 5 sheets


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Includes: Pack of 5 Yellow Pest Fly Sticky Sheets

Can be used to monitor the following pests:
1 Aphids
2 White fly
3 Jassids
4 Fruit flies
5 Leaf hopper
6 Capsid (lygus)
7 Sciarides
8 Shore ies
9 Leaf miners
10 Fungus gnat
11 Onion Fly
12 Cucumber beetles
13 Frog hoppers
14 Moths
15 Flea beetles
16 Cabbage white buttery
17 Black fleas.
18 Wasps
19 Midges

1. A Particular wavelength of bright Golden Yellow colour recyclable Sheets which attract more ies from a long distance.
2. Non – toxic, non – drying, light resistant, rain water proof, high or cold temperature stable polymer which performs at every season in the open field.
3. Double side gumming, extra large surface area to attract & accommodate more flies.
4. 1″ X 1″ grid lines for easy counting. Can write directly on sticky surface or on Sticky edges for easy annotation and notes with ball point pen.
5. A single trap can be more effective to trap 7333 insects within 3-7 days of exposure.

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PESTS & PESTICIDES impose serious food, Health and Economical threat to our life on the earth. In the efforts to create the world free from pests and to minimise the use of pesticides, we introduce a simple, eco-logic pest monitoring and control product in the form of an IMPROVED BLUE STICKY traps called “Pest Fly Sticky Sheet – Yellow, Pack of 5” a pest fly sticky trap sheets to the farmers.
Research on Insect behaviour reveals that most of the pests affecting Agriculture crops are attracted towards the bright golden yellow colour which emits at a particular wavelength of 500-600nm, this property harnessed us for the development & introduction of Barrix Magic Sticker for the benets of our farmers.

Yellow coloured, Barrix Magic Sticker – sticky sheets gives the impression of a bunch of new foliage, vegetative matter to the eyes of the flying insects and getting attracted to feed on rather than the actual crops. Flies when attempts to land on the yellow sheets gets trapped in the special non-drying sticky materials applied on the sheets thereby the actual crops are protected from varieties of insect population which are very heavy in the crop field.

Can be effectively used in all open air crop fields, organic gardens, orchids, and green houses, crop elds cultivating any food grains, fruits, vegetables & plant nurseries. It is also recommended to use by mushroom growers. Agri-researchers benefits by availing important details on the Insect species prevalence & its bio diversity at a particular field crop while Farmers gets the major benet of controlling the pests, saving their crops & minimise the use of unwanted pesticides.

1. Remove the traps from the polythene bag and carefully peel apart each other to expose the sticky area.
2. Use the twist tie provided with this pack to suspend the sheets.
3. In low crops – hung the sticky traps just above the plant foliage, as the plants grow, the height must be readjusted.
In taller crops – hung the sticky traps under the canopy of plant and or 5 ft above the ground level, where the sheet is exposed to light sufficiently.
4. At greenhouse, additional sheets can be suspended near vents and doors to catch any insects ying from outside.
5. For plants grown on benches, the sheets may be laid horizontally on the bench, by removing the cover paper from the upper surface.
6. Carry out regular checking as and when required for identification of pest variety, counting if necessary for its abundance and its developmental stages to take corrective pest management actions.

• Keep away from children and domestic animals
• Avoid direct contact with skin
• Protective gloves recommended while handling
• Upon contact sticky material can be removed by cooking oil or any mineral oil

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