Fragrant garden

As a child, we have often plucked flowers to immerse in their sweet and dreamy perfume which was the ultimate olfactory bestowal.

If fragrant flowers take you down the memory lane why not have a garden blooming with fragrant flowers? Having a fragrant garden fills the air with enchanting scent allowing the onlookers to not just admire the floral bouquet that your garden is, but also to surrender to a heavenly olfactory pleasure.designing a Fragrant garden

A fragrant garden also promises a therapeutic experience and hence is ideal for de-stressing, relaxing and rejuvenating. Additionally a fragrant garden fulfils the gardening requirement of a visually-challenged person who can use the fragrant flowers as special markers to reach a specific destination in the garden or simply enjoy the fragrant garden for its olfactory attributes.

Fragrant Flowers for your Garden:

Choosing flowers for your garden can be tricky as each flower is the possessor of a unique scent. There are certain flowers that are sweet-smelling at the same time toxic. It is cognizant to avoid planting such flowers and denying them membership in your garden! For the warmer phase of the year buy hyacinths and let them grow in pots. If it is winter, grow flowers like gardenia, jasmine, heliotrope and orchids.

Fragrant flowers

Hyacinth for summer fragrance

  • The Korean spice viburnum is renowned for its rich and strong smell. The best way to plant a Korean spice viburnum is to use a garden planter or pots and allow it to adorn the outdoor space, or say beneath the window area in the garden, so when it releases its perfume the scent diffuses into the air and purifies the room acting as a natural room freshener.
    Fragrant flowers

    Korean Spice Viburnum

  • Another aromatic addition to the garden is Carolina allspice, but you need to be careful with the variety. Having an inferior variety can reap reverse smelling effects.
    Fragrant Flowers

    Carolina allspice

  • Sweet alyssum– a flowering plant with its honey-scented aroma is enticing to the insects and useful in making a beeline for your garden.
    Fragrant folwers

    Sweet alyssum

  • Tuberose consists of white flower spikes and blossoms during late-summer.
    Fragrant flowers


  • Bouncing Bet proffers a plethora of pink, red or white flowers.
    Fragrant flowers

    Bouncing Bet

  • Wallflowers have short spikes of yellow and copper-coloured flowers.
    Fragrant flowers


  • Petunias, which are usually white or purple in colour, exude an old-world charm. These are vining flowers, having a lily-like smell.
    Fragrant flowers


  • Mignonette– This flowering plant with its raspberry or vanilla like fragrance will help you realize the desired effect.
    Fragrant flowers


Nocturnal fragrant flowers:

There are some flowers which do not perform its scent releasing function during the day because they are nocturnal. Night-blooming jasmine, night-scented stock and evening primrose should be your night-time allies. A gloomy evening can be tossed away, thanks to these nocturnal flowers.

Fragrant flowers

Nocturnal fragrance flowers- Stock

Fragrant Herbs and Fruits for your Garden:

If I have given you the impression that a fragrant garden is all about planting sweet-scented flowers, then I extend my apology. Strong-smelling fruits and herbs will also fulfil your desire. Lemongrass, mint and thyme can be planted among the flagstones to create a unique smelling experience.  Plants like lavender and rosemary are introverts, so if you want to smell these flowers, why not rub them in your hands and remain delighted with a lasting effect.

Fragrant flowers

Lavender herb

Fragrant flowers for Indoors:

The anathema of a stuffy room can be kept at bay with short-lived houseplants like paperwhites, winter jasmine, easter lilies and hyacinths. Flowers from your fragrant garden can also be employed for aroma therapy right before you sleep or sweet peas can be placed by your bedside, so that you can enjoy a sedative sleep after a hectic day.

Fragrant flowers

Sweet pea flowers for a sweet-smelling home

Now don’t sit back and dream, go to the store and purchase these flowers and start planning your own fragrant garden.Happy Gardening

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