Hey, my ‘green thumb’ people! How have you been doing? Where do you keep  your...
Seed bombing is catching on as a guerilla gardening technique to rapidly introduce additional flora into landscapes that surround us. Read on to find out more.
Learn how to recycle household items and use them in your garden. Not just light on the pocket - but also a lot of fun - and great for the environment !
Gardening is the best antidote for stress and boredom. It works like a magic-potion. But it can prove to be heavy on pocket especially if you are a newbie green thumb as you will need to buy seeds, pots, fertilizers, insecticide, tools and what not! An easy and economical solution would be to start building your own garden by recycling household trash and using them for gardening purposes.
A 5 minute recipe to make your own all-natural aloe vera shower gel at home